Hollywood Hell House
You'll be haunted

Saturdays and Halloween Sunday

Steve Allen Theater at The Center for Inquiry - West

First tour begins at 8pm and continues until 10pm

$10 at the door

More Info:
Call (323) 692-5868 or visit the website for ticket info.


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IHeartGod89: i went to the new hell house in austin last night
SinIsBad88: OMG i was there too
SinIsBad88: :0
SinIsBad88: so scary
IHeartGod89: which room scared you the most?
SinIsBad88: ummmmmm, the one with the girl who got the abortion
SinIsBad88: and then was dragged to hell
SinIsBad88: thomas and i went to second base last week and i'm scared
SinIsBad88: or the guy that got gay and then was dragged to hell
IHeartGod89: doesn't thomas listen to heavy metal?
IHeartGod89: the guy in hell house killed himself and was dragged to hell
IHeartGod89: because he listened to that music
IHeartGod89: :(
SinIsBad88: i'm sooooooo happy the church recruiter was there afterwards
SinIsBad88: i don't want to be dragged to hell
IHeartGod89: OMG me too, i totally signed up
SinIsBad88: i did too :)
IHeartGod89: phew, guess we're safe now
SinIsBad88: yeah, i don't understand what they preach
SinIsBad88: but at least now i won't go to hell!!!
SinIsBad88: :) :) :)

Now through Halloween, the Steve Allen Theater hosts a totally LA (read: ironic) version of the real-life church-sponsored haunted houses meant to scare kids into getting their God on. It stars a rotating roster of personalities including Bill Maher, Andy Richter and Sarah Silverman. The production, staged with the somewhat baffling blessing of the Abundant Life Christian Center--is played straight, with the actual ALCC script used nationwide, and follows the instructions in Destiny Church's 236-page "Hell House kit" to the last use-hamburger-for-the-fetus letter. OMG!

Tip: Wear old, machine-washable clothes. You may be splattered with fake blood