Letter to Jeffrey Weiss at dallas morning news

Mr. Weiss

I'm so glad you wrote this article. Printing it on the
front page was great! Why? It truley shows the hatered in
Hollywood for God. For this group to laugh at abortion,
suicide, rape, and satanism and to say this is just a way
to "scare" kids into accepting love is really ignorant!
Have any of these actors even talked to any kid that has
seen or been deeply affected by one of these Christian
houses? No! Of course not! How about you? Have you been to
any church in the Dallas area that produces one of these
during halloween? There are two types of people, those who
love God and those who don't. I guess we know were this
group stands. I love it when these actors who think they
have so much to say and are so smart show their true colors.


You should be ashamed for even covering this filth....